3 Easy Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

Spring is finally here, which means we can look forward to several months of spending more time outside. Once the weather warms up, outdoor entertaining is a fun and easy way to gather friends and family on a weeknight for a dinner party or on a Saturday afternoon for a picnic and pool time. So, fire up your grill, prep your yard with a fresh mow, and give your outdoor kitchen a thorough clean. It’s time to celebrate the season with these 3 easy tips for outdoor entertaining!

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Keep it simple

A good outdoor dinner party doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. With good company, simple food, and a pleasant setting, your outdoor gathering will be a success! In designer Michael Devine’s new book, An Invitation to the Garden: Seasonal Entertaining Outdoors, he suggests, “When I entertain I lean on the classics. Menus should not be too complicated; they should be delicious and presented with flair.” Let your beautiful outdoor kitchen and dining area be the showpiece of the evening. Once you’ve got a well-crafted and well maintained outdoor living space, the rest will be a breeze!

Make it a Group Effort

Just because you’re the host doesn’t mean you have to do all the work. Your friends and family will be excited for a fun outdoor activity and look forward to getting in on the action. Consider throwing a pot luck party where each guest brings a dish or ask a couple guests to arrive early to assist with preparation before the gathering gets started. Your friends and family will enjoy spending the extra time with you and having the opportunity to use your awesome outdoor kitchen!

Utilize Your Space

The last thing you want at your outdoor gathering is to have an unsmooth flow. Take some time to evaluate your outdoor dining space to make the best of it. Try starting the night off with a cocktail hour by turning your outdoor granite countertop and sink area into a bar. Make a clear path by placing empty glasses at one end, booze, mixers, ice, and cocktail shakers in the middle, and swizzle sticks, drink markers, and cocktail napkins at the end. Don’t forget to set out a bar towel or two to keep your granite countertops clean and protected! After the cocktail hour, transform the granite countertop area into a buffet. Use the same strategy to create a clear serving path by placing empty plates at one end, food in the middle, and napkins and utensils at the end. The cocktail hour and buffet will give your guests a perfect balance of sophistication and relaxation. The buffet will encourage guests to be laid back, graze, and seat themselves wherever. Outdoor entertaining should be casual, festive, and fun!

It’s Time to Get Entertaining!

                If you’re considering adding an outdoor kitchen to your outdoor living space this spring or summer, let Precision Stoneworks assist you! We have a wide array of outdoor kitchen ideas from leather finishes with a chiseled edge to small stands for your Big Green Egg. With Precision Stoneworks, the options are endless for your outdoor kitchen! Make entertaining a breeze this spring and summer by enhancing your outdoor space.

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