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With winter slowly giving way to the spring and summer months, many households are looking forward to throwing barbecue parties and get-togethers with friends and family. With the vibrant sun beating overhead, a pool party next to a great outdoor kitchen set-up may very well be the perfect afternoon of relaxation and entertainment.

Among the most popular of outdoor kitchen ideas is the scene-setting countertop. Because the setup is permanently outside in the elements, it must stand up to rain, sleet or snow, and so must be more durable than your indoor surfaces. However, you don’t want to sacrifice taste for sheer durability; thus, a granite countertop can serve both ends. Not only is granite very easy to maintain and clean, its durability and porous makeup lends the surface to use as a direct cooking-top, for those that want to really wow the assembled guests.

For regions that enjoy strong sunlight, one of the outdoor kitchen ideas should be a stylish but functional canopy or pergola to protect your guests from the sun. It can also double to keep surfaces dry during rainfall, as wicker benches and chairs can be moved under it when it’s too damp out for there to be a party. The staple of any outdoor summer party is, of course, the barbecue grill. It’s better to opt for gas in some cases, to avoid the electrical bill that frequent outdoor party-throwers might experience; these parties tend to go on and on in the long summer days. The less expensive charcoal grill is also a nice alternative to the gas grill for keeping guests well-fed.

Now that you have the staple elements, other important outdoor kitchen ideas that will serve to liven up the scene are patio heaters for the inevitably cooler nights, a well-guarded swimming pool for the safety of kids; preferably with a pool fence around it for added protection. A small makeshift bar close to the entertainment center can do wonders for the mood, and keep the party going lively. Depending on your budget, there are all kinds of smaller additions. A fridge is probably a necessity; and, depending on the frequency with which you entertain, might be a permanent fixture outside. These are just the basics of outdoor kitchen ideas; plan according to your budget.


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