Do 15-year Granite Sealing Products Work?

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Daltile® PROADVANCED™ 15-year Sealer

In recent years a number of sealing products that claim to last as long as 15 years have come on the market.  Many homeowners aren’t sure if such products really work as advertised, or if they are necessary to protect their investment in granite countertops.

So Do They Work?

The only reason there might even be any doubt is that the 15-year products simply haven’t been on the market for 15 years yet. Precision Stoneworks offers a 15-year granite sealing product and we have no reason to doubt the claims of its manufacturer or the manufacturer of any 15 year product. However, since it hasn’t been 15 years yet it can be hard to say with certainty.

At this point Precision Stoneworks now has several years of experience working with 15-year granite sealer products, and so far we have had no reason to suspect that they might not perform as specified to the 15 year point or beyond.

Are They Really Necessary?

It really depends on the preferences of the homeowner.  As a point of pride and professionalism at Precision Stoneworks we’ll never install something we wouldn’t have in our own homes.  As such, we seal each and every slab before it goes out the door — even those colors or materials that lower quality fabricators might say don’t require sealing or are impossible to seal (we get a good laugh about that one).  We still stand proudly behind our guarantee with even with conventional sealers, which can still typically be expected to last a year or more without needing to be re-treated.

In these times a typical homeowner is often especially cost-sensitive and skeptical of add-on options or upsells.  In light of this and combined with the fact that our high standards for sealing granite with conventional products, we don’t try to pressure every customer into buying a 15 year granite sealing product.

However, for those homeowners who are especially concerned about stains and sealing or who simply prefer the peace of mind, reduced maintenance requirements, and the protection of an additional warranty a 15 year product and warranty might be ideal. This can especially true when the cost might only represent a single-digit percentage of the overall cost of granite countertops.

Are There Disadvantages to 15 Year Granite Sealing Products?

A minor disadvantage might be that some 15 year granite sealing products require or recommend specialized cleaning products and/or upkeep requirements. In some cases the time, effort or expense involved might nearly approximate those of conventional sealing products.

Can I get 15 Year Sealer on My Granite Countertops from Precision Stoneworks?

Sure!  Just mention it to us when inquiring about your granite and we can include it the the cost estimate for your project.

Does Precision Stoneworks recommend any particular 15 year granite product?

We’ve had great results using the Daltile® PROADVANCEDâ„¢ system and recommend it, if for no other reason than the included Daltile® warranty is fully transferable and is about the only warranty that also extends to marble.

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