Our Company

Precision Stoneworks was established in 1999 with a simple mission that continues to be an integral part of our company: a commitment to exceptional quality, competitive prices, and, above all, customer satisfaction. Over the course of the past fifteen plus years, our scope of work has varied but our roots have remained steadfast. Precision Stoneworks began by primarily catering to high-end custom builders. Then, we directed our efforts to expanding our capabilities and growing our skill set to execute larger scale projects. We currently specialize in custom design, stone fabrication, and installation, and our clients include residential builders – custom & production, commercial contractors, and professional remodelers throughout the North Georgia region.

Our Suppliers

We attribute a portion of our success to our ability to cultivate and maintain longstanding relationships with our clients, partners, and suppliers. For over fifteen years we have built an immense network of stone suppliers, which allows us to provide an unparalleled selection of natural stone and quartz products for our clients. We use both domestic and imported stone slabs, all of which are Premium Grade.