• Atlanta Granite Countertops

    Atlanta Granite Contertops

    Let Precision Stoneworks show you how our granite and natural stone countertops can add beauty, functionality and enjoyment to your home.

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  • Atlanta Granite Countertops

    Granite Countertops

    Granite and natural stone countertop surfaces add beauty and value to a home and provide years of enjoyment.

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  • Atlanta Granite Bathroom vanity

    Granite and Stone Bathroom Vanities

    Granite and natural stone bath vanities are an attractive and lasting improvement to a space that is often among the most frequently used in a home.

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  • Atlanta Granite bathroom granite vanity

    Granite Bathroom Vanities

    Granite bathroom vanities in put the finishing touches on a custom bathroom for a durable, beautiful look and feel.

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  • Atlanta Granite Counters

    Atlanta Granite Counters

    Known in the industry as being among the best of granite fabricators around, Precision Stoneworks has completed the granite for many of the finest high-end homes in Atlanta and North Georgia.

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Precision Stoneworks at a Glance

Atlanta Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops

Since 1999, Precision Stoneworks has proudly served residential builders, commercial contractors, and professional remodelers in the North Georgia region. We are a full service company equipped with a knowledgeable and skilled team who will work with you through each step in the process, down to the final installation. From custom design to stone fabrication to installation, our artisans and craftsmen collectively have over 150 years of experience in the dimensional stone business. Our mission is simple: we’re committed to exceptional quality, competitive prices, and, above all, customer satisfaction.

Efficiency is Our Business

The process of building a single home, a neighborhood, or a community involves the cooperation and coordination of many moving parts. At Precision Stoneworks, we know that stone fabrication and installation is just one piece of the puzzle. We understand the importance deadlines, and we pride ourselves in producing the highest quality work at competitive prices. Whether preparing detailed templates or performing the installation, our veteran team makes efficiency their number one priority.

Not All Stone Fabricators Are Equal

Atlanta Granite Kitchen Island

Atlanta Granite Kitchen

In the current economic climate, many stone fabricators are taking shortcuts to cut costs and turn a greater profit. At Precision Stoneworks, we’ve taken a different approach. Instead of cutting corners or passing costs on to our customers, we responded to the economic downturn by directing our efforts to expanding our capabilities. We increased our capacity to accommodate larger scale projects and shifted our focus to top grade residential, commercial, and professional remodeling projects. While some of our regional and local counterparts have had to close their doors in recent years, we are proud to report growth and success in our business.

What Sets Precision Stoneworks Apart from the Rest:

Sealed Tops and Overhangs

Some fabricators may not seal their slabs or may charge an additional fee for sealing. Precision Stoneworks seals all tops and even the undersides of overhangs to maximize appearance and performance over the long term.

Fewer Seams

We take all steps to ensure that any given install is accomplished with the minimum number of seams.  While this may make it more challenging and expensive for us, we believe this results in a superior look and appearance when the project is done.  For the absolute best color matching we also never marry remnants with new slabs to help minimize our cost as many granite fabricators may do.

Premium Grade Slabs Only

Granite importers, distributors and wholesalers typically offer granite slabs in three graded quality tiers: Premium, Standard, and Commercial.  The Premium grade always contains the fewest blemishes, repairs and fills and has the best color consistency throughout the slab.  For the best counters and vanities, Precision Stoneworks uses almost exclusively Premium grade slabs with only rare and careful exceptions.

Granite Material Priced by the Foot, not the Slab

Some fabricators may require the customer to absorb the entire cost of each slab of granite (and still insist on on keeping any remnants!). This can lead to extra and unnecessary cost to the customer (especially for small jobs) and/or leave the customer feeling pressured to finish multiple rooms in the same color of granite when they might not have otherwise.

Precision Stoneworks uses a careful pricing model that allows us to present the customer with a reasonable, upfront cost that accounts for the “yield” of a slab but doesn’t burden the customer unfairly with excess cost, unused material, or unwanted commitments. You pay only for the material you need.

Polished Overhang Undersides

Precision Stoneworks even polishes the undersides of overhangs that can be seen or touched in everyday use. This gives countertops and vanities that look good and feel good to the touch — even from underneath.

Reinforced Spans and Overhangs

We reinforce overhangs, thin areas like the front of sink cutouts, and unsupported areas like appliance spans with steel and/or fiberglass inserts. We cut a channel into the underside of the granite, insert the reinforcing rods, and permanently seal it in place with epoxy.

The result is granite countertops and vanities that are among the strongest in the industry that have minimal chance of cracking or breaking even with heavy use.

Though few fabricators take such extra steps, Precision Stoneworks takes every step possible to ensure that your granite will last a lifetime.

Skilled, Experienced Installers Only

Some granite fabricators and installers choose to cut costs by using inexpensive labor to install their countertops and vanities.

At present, Precision Stoneworks doesn’t use any installer with anything less than 5 years of experience. We’re pleased to enjoy a reputation for knowledge, skill and experience; that reputation was not earned by accident.

Honest Up-front Estimates With No “Junk Fees”

Some fabricators may advertise deceptively low pricing like “Granite Countertops $19 per foot!” but pad the final invoice with additional fees for things like sealing, installation, delivery, shop supplies, etc. This can mean the final cost is the same or even higher.

Precision Stoneworks believes in providing an honest up-front estimate we can commit to from the beginning. We know our customers don’t appreciate surprises on final invoices, and our reputation for quality means we don’t need to rely on bait-and-switch gimmicks.

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